Soccer is essentially a sport that entails getting the ball into the right person’s feet. The right person means the person has the most time or the least amount of pressure and is in an advantageous position to score a goal. Or oftentimes to make a pass that will help score a goal. With this in mind it is easy to understand that the key to playing good soccer is to try and keep the ball moving is much as possible by playing one and to touch soccer. What that means is basically passing and moving off the ball and trying to be creative. This opens up a lot of opportunities. This skill goes back to a skill we talked about earlier a good first touch. Trying to use your body to shield the ball and knowing what you want to do with the ball once that you get it. Generally when your team is on the offensive you want to spread out and use the width of the team is much as possible then when on defense you want to become compact. On offense you try to use the entirety of the field so that you can help break up the defense in various ways that way you can create spaces to attack and create some gaps. You can break down the other team by switching the ball, and runs, and basically just taking players on. On the other hand defensively you want to try to funnel the offense of players back and work as one unit to pressure the various opposing players. You don’t want to give the players any time to make passes. You want to try to get them to put their head down and continue to play the ball backwards not forwards. So it’s a good idea as a defense of block to stay together and move up and down as a block that other teams just simply can’t get through.

The win on the offensive one really easy way to open up spaces and opportunities in the defense is as much as possible keep the ball moving. This way you can let the ball do the work of breaking down the defense. Try to get into the forward’s feet and then have them pass the ball off to someone who’s making a run towards the goal. Or in the situation where the foreword has pressure from the defense try to lay back to the midfielder who plays the ball wide. This midfielder then can try to cross in or switches the ball to the other side where there is less pressure. This is one of the reasons why it’s very important for players and teams to understand the various soccer patterns in different runs that they can make.

If the forward is tightly guarded then you want to draw the defense into that player. When that forward gets the ball and hold onto the ball with a couple of touches the midfielder can get the ball back then passed to another player who is wide open because most of the defense will be focused on that original forward. This pass can often be done behind the defense of players and then they will be chasing the ball with their heads turned which is a very on advantageous position. In the situation where the defense doesn’t pressure the forward and he can simply turn around and try to take a shot. Below is of video that talks about the Tika Taka style of play that is most famously used by Barcelona. Try to take a look at it and see how the defense and the offense moves together as a team.

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