Skills part 2

We are now continuing from the last blog post were going to continue looking at different skills that you will need to improve to become a better player. First one take a look at spinning. Spinning with inside the foot is an essential skill for any player. You want to use the inside of your foot to tide to go around with the ball. You can use this for control and to pull the ball around to open up new directions that you want to go into. If you do this you are automatically open to the entire field. You can also make a pass with the inside of your foot with the next step that you take. Very often players will check back to the ball and then take a look behind the shoulder to see if they have pressure from a defender or not. If there aren’t any defenders then they’ll use this to spin and open up the whole field to them. In the case where the defenders to close you can flick the ball around the defender and try to get the ball back and get as you see Xavi doing here beautifully.

Take a look at self passing. The self passes a common trick that many players will use to try to give himself a little more space when a defender is coming down on you. If a pass come see you and you think that the defenders chasing you down, control the ball a little bit more further out in front of you than you normally would so that you can turn and then take on the defender. The most important part of this is taking a bigger touch than normal control. After doing this the self as he can step over, turn or pull back then that opens you up to face the defender and then you have a whole field in front of you.

Cutting the ball. This is another different type return where you can cut the ball behind you standing foot to go in the other direction to avoid pressure. When the ball comes in cut the ball with the inside of your foot. Often you’ll see players doing this move as a pass then they’ll let the ball come into their direction and lay the ball off with the inside of their foot and it’s been in the other direction then they have a whole field open and they can set up all kinds of offensive movements.
Next were going take a look at is checking back to receive the ball. This is a very difficult trick to pull off but very important. It’s a very subtle trick. Of course the best players around the world make this look very easy but in reality this is something that really has to be practice to be able to pull off. What were trying to do here is create space and to find the ball. You can drag the defender whose marking you away from the space that you want to check into. It could be like a 10 yard jog away from where they want the ball and then dart back to receivable. It’s almost like a feint.

Last one take a look at is what some people call the dummy turn. If the ball is placed at a good pace and you think that the defenders too close to you you can let the ball run through your legs and in turn to be your opponent to the ball. Also there is the situation where you know your teammate is behind you and open taking just let the ball run through your legs and go straight to that teammate. This often can confuse defenders and open up a lot of opportunities. This is an absolutely essential skill to learn if your forward. The ball can be played to the forward whose checking back and then lets it run through them quickly turns to get the ball back from a deeper Ford who is posting up.

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