Soccer Camp


Enrich your game and broaden your soccer horizon by experiencing the world’s prettiest and most successful style of play. At Olé Futebol Academy you will be uniquely trained by experienced pro coaches, interact with international soccer players and the passionate way they approach the game of soccer.
The Olé Futebol Academy is an organization dedicated to the development of youth players everywhere, which prioritizes high quality and safety in our events. Held in a world class facility, the O.F.A. delivers an optimal environment where you can eat, breath and sleep soccer. Our Academy can provide your child or you with all of skills they will need in order to become a professional soccer player. These skills include various soccer methods and techniques, concentration exercises, English classes, inter-team communication methods and many many other skills. If you want to be professional soccer player than the choice is simple, you must join our Academy to reach your full potential.


In today’s world soccer is the absolute most popular sport. No other sport can rival it. It is for this reason that we have assembled a one-of-a-kind international coaching staff that can teach and instruct young soccer players to better perform. We teach all ages but focus on junior high school and high school students. We also accept full teams. So for any coaches out there who are looking to gain extra advantage for next season this is the Academy for you.


At our school we will go over the fundamental skills of passing, shooting, heading, trapping the ball, faint in dribble, ball control, running with the ball, and turning. You’ll also be going over different methods of attacking play. For example the principles of attack, passing plays, two on one situations, different runs such as deep runs, diagonal runs, V runs. Also included in our attacking course our crosses and finishing. We also have a great defending course where we go over the principles of defense such as goal side, marking, covering, pressing and danger areas. We also over 101 situations when challenged and when to intercept. And we also teach how to defend around the box against central tax and attacks on the flanks. Our goalkeeping techniques and course will go over different movement techniques, catching the ball, cupping and gripping low balls and eyeballs. And we also go over different diving techniques for various low balls and eyeballs. Similar to the goalkeeping course but slightly different is goalkeeping play. Here we teach different positioning, shot stopping, how to contend on 101, and dealing with crosses.

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