STEP BY STEP Registration for the Ole Futebol Academy.

It is simple. It is easy.

1. Fill in the Registration form online. Click Here
2. Fax the camper informations to OFA’s International Number.
3. Fax the Medical release to OFA’s International Number.
4. Fax the bank deposit to OFA’s International Number.

After each of the steps OFA will be emailing you with some tips for your next steps.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT! A second sibling will receive a $800 discount on the total cost of a package. If 15 players form the same High School or Junior High School register , their coach will receive a $150 discount on the total cost of a package.

1. Registration Form Online

1.1 – Participants
Passport Number:
Social Security Number:
1.2 – Parents/Guardian’s
Father’s name:
Father’s e-mail:
Mother’s name:
Mother’s e-mail:
Home Address:
1.3 – Choose your session
Quick-Feet   Toca-Toca   Hat Trick

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