Our Coaches


Our Academy we have over 30 professionally trained coaches. All of our coaches have vast amounts of experience teaching and playing in various continents of the world. Also our coaches can speak a number of different languages. We do suggest that all of our players speak English but in case of any emergencies all of our coaches are able to communicate with almost any citizen of any country. We have over 19 X professional soccer players as coaches. We have 10 professional soccer team X coaches as instructors at our Academy. There is no other soccer Academy or training facility of any sport that has the level of experience and wisdom of the great group of coaches that we have assembled for this Academy. Take a look below it just a couple of our coaches profiles.
Ule Neviv
Played professional soccer in Europe for three years. Taught as an assistant soccer coach in Japan. Holds the record for the most amount of goals in one season for South Eastern Europe. Can speak Japanese, English, German, and Russian.

David Takata
David grew up in Japan and led his college soccer team to a national championship. He also played in the J league for over 10 years. Is now residing in California teaching as an assistant coach in one of the areas largest universities.

Mique Huntez
Migue comes to us from Africa. In Western Africa he is quite well known as being one of the better goalkeepers of his generation. He is our main goalkeeper coach and you will see him on the practice fields challenging any striker that he can find to score a goal on him.

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