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Soccer skills in drills

In these next couple of blog posts were going to go over some different drills that you can do to improve your different soccer skills. Today were going to start with how to improve your moves. As most people know the success of a soccer player generally depends on much more than just how well you can kick a soccer ball. The game is usually decided based on strategy team work and decision making. Even understanding that though there are some skills and techniques that every soccer player should know or least try to perfect so that they can use them when the time calls for. These skills are the foundations of every soccer player’s game. Some of the things that we must master our control, shield, juggle and dribbling the ball with both feet.

Today let’s take a look at shielding the ball. Shielding the soccer ball is more of an art than it is a science. It really doesn’t get a lot of attention or focus as it should probably because is not as glamorous as striking or scoring some great artistic goal. Especially for younger players this is a skill that must absolutely be learned, how to shield the ball from different defenders. You want to use your body to protect the ball from various players who are obviously trying to take it away from you. Players need to remember to bend their knees, and get their body between the ball and the defender. If we can we want the defender to foul us. Carry the ball with the inside of your foot away from the defender and then try to use your body to shield the ball. If any of you question the importance of shielding the soccer ball you could talk to a number of ex-professional players who earned a lot of respect just the way that they could shoot the ball from different defenders. Roy Keane who played for Manchester United is one that comes to mind. Next time you’re on the pitch see if you can keep the ball away from the defender for more than a minute.

Nexus take a look at shoulder faints. When we are attempting a shoulder pain we want to dip one shoulder to one side and then go in the opposite direction. This is to put off the defender and make them think that you’re going in the wrong direction. Is a very similar to a crossover in basketball. Step into the direction you’re faking with your shoulder then take off with the ball in the other direction. Is a shoulder fake to the right and then you dribble off to the left. You can do the reverse for the other direction. If you’re in a situation where your back is towards the defender can also fake with your shoulder. Before turning when you have the shoulder on your back though in a feint like you’re going to go to one way and then quickly move in the other direction. Sometimes midfielders might want to have their body have turned already and then open to the field, this turned coupled with the fake can be really helpful if your guarded tightly and you’re coming back to the ball with a defender all over you. Take a look at Lionell Messi and how he uses his shoulders to trick defenders.

The last going to talk about is first touch. When you receive the ball you use the inside or the outside of foot steer the ball away from pressure and to try to give yourself some space that he can make the next pass or you can take a dribble. You don’t ever want to kill the ball when it’s right in front of you you want to controllable. Touch the ball to the side with the inside or outside of your foot a few feet away from your body. This can help make the next pass into the next movement. This will enable you to play with the ball quicker and also not get caught with the ball under your feet. There are many different important skills in soccer but certainly having a good first touch is one of them. If you don’t have this then it’s almost impossible to play at any kind of professional level. This is because having this skill allows you to play the ball quickly hold the ball, and then be players on the dribble. All of this leads to scoring more goals. Without this skill you’re going to be controlling the ball much too near yourself for your body and you’ll be on top of the ball and deal end up losing the ball or not be able to pass off in time.

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