Ole Futebol Academy 2015 will take place at the Grand Stadium on Wellshire, and the Rubyhall Hotel. The grand Stadium is one of the largest stadiums in Florida. It has over five full-length soccer fields plus 3 practice fields. Is also used by the professional soccer team , the Waves. The Rubyhall Hotel is one of the areas most popular and high class hotels. It is a four star hotel located on a beautiful beach it has many different state-of-the-art recreational facilities such as a game room, TV room, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and many other facilities.

Who should join our soccer camp?

Our Academy is specially designed for soccer players that want to become professionals in the future. These flares are very committed. Any participants will endure 14 long days of intensive tactical and technical training sessions with our top coaches. All of this is under the supervision of Coach John Gorme , the University of Normandy’s head soccer coach.

During their stay at our Academy players will have an opportunity to practice techniques and train in ways that have made professional soccer players around the world the best. Our staff will also hold intensive physical training lessons with all participants.

If you are a person who believes that they will become a professional cycle in the future you cannot miss out on this chance. Our Academy not only teaches players but also high school and club coaches as well. You can also send in the entire team to our Academy to get that extra amount of training that will lead them to the top of the regional rankings. Our Academy’s highly qualified staff will work on various formations and tactical situations different technical drills in order to help your team become the best that they can be.

Our Academy will take place from June 14 – July 6, 2015. If you’re interested in you want to check out our cost go to our cost page on the main menu.

Our goal

Our Academy is a program that is specifically developed to create future professional soccer players. We want to give every play around the world a chance to fulfill their potential as a soccer player. Have no doubt that if you attend our Academy you will become a better player and you will also be given tools that you can use on your own to more develop your skills.

Why should you choose our Academy?

We have a very unique approach to the great soccer game. Our coaches have been taught various techniques and methods from around the world. In places such as Brazil Europe America and Asia our coaches have gathered years and years of experience so that we can use that to increase your skills.

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