English for Soccer


Because today soccer is the only international sport. We understand that for many future professional soccer players they will need a good grasp of the only truly international language, English. To this effect, we have started instituting English classes along with our usual content of soccer. What this means is that if English is not your native language or your child’s native-language then they can come to our soccer camp, learn how to improve their soccer skills, make friends and also learn how to better communicate in English. We offer two classes a day and can accommodate all ages from eight years old to 20. We focus on conversational English, situations that might come up in team discussions, and team practice. We also role-play giving the students a chance to try and express their opinions and feelings when interviewed by newspaper men or other journalist. We also teach our students how to successfully pass the various international English tests, for example TOEIC, TOEFL, and the IELTS tests. With high scores in these standardized international English tests you or your children can have an opportunity to study in North America or Europe where they can get a great education and continue to improve their soccer skills. We have two main teachers on our campus, both played soccer in college and one played professional soccer for one year. They both have been teaching English for the last 15 years in places such as Japan, Saudi Arabia, Germany and many other countries. If you do intend on taking our English classes make sure that you fill out the section of the registration form about your English level and ability. This is important for we can put you in the right leveled class. All students will be required to take a sample TOEIC test when they arrive so that we can better measure each individual students English skills and later track their progress. If you have taken the TOEIC test within the last two years you can skip this part of the registration if you send us a copy of your certification. If you have never taken the TOEIC test or any other similar test then we suggest you take a look at some of these websites to get a better idea of what these test measure.

Resource websites:

Basic Info on TOEIC, TOEFL and IELTS tests:




Good Online TOEIC Courses:



Online Free Lessons:






Youtube Video Explaining the TOEIC test:



TOEIC Listening Test with Answers:

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