In this post we will talk  a little bit about communication. Many individually talented players can forget that soccer is a team sport. And communication is absolute essential to any team and to any victory that you might want. Without communication you could take some of the best players in the world and they still will not win. You have to listen to your teammates and be willing to take their advice. Often they can see things that you can’t from a different vantage. This can make things much easier for yourself and also complement your skills. It’s also very important to communicate on the field as well and to let your various teammates know when they might have some time or when pressure might be coming or even if you’re open. This is something that has to be used during practice so that you can get use to it and it can be a habit. If you play the ball and try to pass along the message. Try to give some teammates some direction for example tell them if they’ve got time or tell them if the defenders coming right up on them or through its stock then come up and help them push up, and etc. Also don’t be afraid to ask for the ball. It might be common sense thing but you’d be surprised that any players don’t like to ask for the ball because they don’t want to seem selfish. If you’re open you need to get the ball because that is going to help your team score is going open up a lot of room for your team as a whole. If you’re not going for the ball when you’re open a means of the defense can focus on other players. Try to get into the game is much as possible and don’t stick on the edges of the field or the edges of the game by not touching the ball for long stretches. It is essential that you are involved in the offensive attack or the defense. To do this you have to be active and he can’t be afraid to voice your opinion or what you’re thinking. Part of communication is also motivating your different teammates. Some teammates are very emotional so if you’re not having a good game they might continue to think negatively continue to play bad. You need to be able to step in and give your teammate a couple of nice words to motivate them to get them thinking more positively and to help them play better. If you’re the leader of a team and don’t be afraid to do the opposite and tell a teammate when they’re out of line. Perhaps they’re playing too selfishly. Or the simply don’t have their head in the game. It’s an important balance to understand when to criticize a teammate or when to motivate them. This will come as you get more experience in the game. But is absolutely essential. There are numerous examples of teams and have loads of talent and loads of natural ability but just cannot win because they don’t communicate as a team they don’t play as a team. Never forget that soccer is not an individual sport but a team sport and without that team you’re nothing.

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